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Overall Goals

Phase II: Kamchatka Grizzly Bear Research Project of Maureen Enns and Charles Russell

2002 Reseach Goals

There are two parts of our study that remain important to pursue for at least two more years:

1) The question of sustaining the peaceful co-existence with the bears of Kambalnoye Lake becomes more and more meaningful every year our study is continued.

2) Helping Kronotskiy Preserve with their conservation efforts in the South Kamchatka Sanctuary. We want to contribute to the process. It seems unfair to teach animals they do not have to fear humans and then pull out and leave them at the mercy of others who would take advantage of their trustful nature.

We want to continue work on these questions. During the thousands of years of conflict with bears, no one has ever before studied ways to live with them because it was always assumed impossible due to the bears' temperament. There may never be an opportunity or place to repeat what we have been able to do. We want to be satisfied we have taken our study as far as we can so that the only question remaining is of humans' adaptability.:

-Charlie and Maureen.

2002 Sponsors

As Maureen Enns and Charlie Russell move into their seventh year of research on human-bear co-existence, in Kamchatka, they continue to be highly appreciative of the support and contributions of their sponsors. As the study moves on, they start to think of its conclusion in two years and also how to thank everyone who made it possible for them to do this amazing piece of research. For now, it is a heart-felt thank you to all.


Corporate Donors
Sponsors (US $1,000 and Over)

Adanac Corporate Services Ltd.
Anonymous Foundations
Clayoquot Island Preserve
Fanwood Foundation West
Mogens F. Smed Fund of The Calgary Foundation
The Schad Foundation


Individual Donors
Sponsors (US $1,000 and Over)

Anonymous Individual
Joan Sherman
Robert and Birgit Bateman

Individual Patrons
(Sponsors to US $1,000)

Anthony Webb
Faith Hall


Contributions In Kind:

Barb Gosling and Derek Small
Christine and Larry Smith
Counter Assault Bear Deterrent
Dawn Saunders-Dahl
DLS Imaging Ltd.
Dr. Bill Hanlon
Ester Brenner
Khonen Consulting
James Gosling
Lee Anne Havens
Masters Gallery Ltd.
Maureen and Mike Heffring
Myrna Shapter
Nancy Barrios
Nigel Laing
Nova Photo Ltd.

Paula Oswald
Roland Dixon
Ursula Reynolds


Sponsoring Foundations:

The Craighead Environmental Research Institute, Montana, USA
The Raincoast Conservation Foundation, BC, Canada


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