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Biscuit at 51/2 years old having a nap on the shore

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Overall Goals

Phase II: Kamchatka Grizzly Bear Research Project of Maureen Enns and Charles Russell

2003 Research Goals

This, our 8thyear, is shaping up to be a very rewarding final year of our co-existence study, however, to be so is dependent on Biscuit successfully birthing and raising her first set of cubs. We will soon be there to see how everything is progressing.

As so often before, dire predictions are being made as to how Biscuit's response to us might change when she has cubs; that she will become protective to the point of being dangerous for us to ever be near. Our guess is that she will present her cubs to us with great pride and that there will be little, if any difference in the very reliable trust that we began to develop when she was a very small cub herself.

Overall Goals & Future Applications of Research

· This summer completes our last year of intensive field research at Kambalnoe Lake. Prove that mutual friendship is sustainable with Biscuit and her cubs.
· Our legacy in Kamchatka - Help establish sustainable conservation for Kamchatka bears, wild salmon and their habit. Continue support for the grizzly bear and salmon poaching control program for the South Kamchatka Sanctuary and the Milkova Region.
· Bear Guide Training Program - Continue existing support of establishment of certified guide training program in Kamchatka with the assistance of Fedia Farbarov.
· Locate an area to apply aspects of our research in Western Canada (to include the West Coast of BC, the interior of BC and the foothills of Alberta)
· Find a partner to produce and market a light-weight electric fence unit to control bear movement. All profits to go to the continued conservation of grizzly bears and their habitat.
· Establish educational tools to utilize the Kamchatka slide collection.
· Explore the creation of a digital book in collaboration with selected university libraries.

-Charlie and Maureen

2003 Sponsors

As Maureen Enns and Charlie Russell move into their eighth year of research on human-bear co-existence, in Kamchatka, they continue to be highly appreciative of the support and contributions of their sponsors. As the study moves on, they start to think of its conclusion in one year, its future application and the legacy of the project in Kamchatka. They would like to thank The Schad Foundation for their generous annual contribution and support from day one. They also wish to thank everyone else who made it possible for them to do this amazing piece of research.
Thank you all!


Corporate Donors
Sponsors (US $1,000 and Over)

The Schad Foundation
Masters Gallery Ltd.
Mogens F. Smed Fund of The Calgary Foundation
Adanac Corporate Services Ltd.


Individual Donors
Sponsors (US $1,000 and Over)

Susan Bloom
Signa Read
Robert and Birgit Bateman
Anonymous Contributor
Carol A. Bowker
Ken Stiles
Leigh Myers
Michael and Hilary Adams
Mogens and Nicki Smed


Corporate Patrons
(Sponsors to US $1,000)

SIPS Marketing Inc.
Lease Specialties Inc.

Individual Patrons
(Sponsors to US $1,000)

Joan Sherman
Dr. Robert Oberheide
Pat and Rosemarie Keough
Tony Webb
Gordon and Wendy Cartwright
John and Marguerite Dinius
Cliff and Anne White
Dorothy Richardson and Lois Addison
Ed Chessor
Karl Heinz and Angelika Reitze
Gail Berg
Silvan Zorut
Vicki-Lynne Verville
Faith Hall
Stephen R. Street
Gillian and Basil Seaton


Contributions In Kind:

Nicky Davis, Barrister and Solicitor
DLS Imaging Ltd.
Masters Gallery Framing
Paula Oswald
Dawn Saunders-Dahl
Christine and Larry Smith
Ester Brenner, ERB Accounting Services
Dr. Bill Hanlon
James Gosling
Maureen and Mike Heffring
Myrna Shapter
Bev Durvin
SMED International
Nigel Laing
Counter Assault Bear Deterrent
Galileo Educational Network

Bowker and Scudds

Nancy Barrios
Kohnen Consulting
Alberta Distilleries



Sponsoring Foundations:

Raincoast Conservation Society, Washington, USA
The Raincoast Conservation Foundation, BC, Canada


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